Title: Eight soybean reference genome resources from varying latitudes and agronomic traits
First author: Chu, Jeffrey Shih-Chieh

Comparative analysis of multiple reference genomes representing diverse genetic backgrounds is critical for understanding the role of key alleles important in domestication and genetic breeding of important crops such as soybean. To enrich the genetic resources for soybean, we describe the generation, technical assessment, and preliminary genomic variation analysis of eight de novo reference-grade soybean genome assemblies from wild and cultivated accessions. These resources represent soybeans cultured at different latitudes and exhibiting different agronomical traits. Of these eight soybeans, five are from new accessions that have not been sequenced before. We demonstrate the usage of these genomes to identify small and large genomic variations affecting known genes as well as screening for genic PAV regions for identifying candidates for further functional studies.

Contact the author: fengxianzhong,Chen, Nansheng
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Issue: 1
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PubYear: 2021
Volume: 8
Unit code: 131322
Publication name: Scientific Data
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Participation of the author: J. S. C. Chu, B. Peng, K. Q. Tang, X. X. Yi, H. K. Zhou, H. Wang, G. Li, J. T. Leng, N. S. Chen and X. Z. Feng